Uncovering Each Site's Potential
We work closely with our stakeholders in unlocking each site's potential.
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North Lake Residence
A nose for opportunities
Convention suggests that property markets tend to move in regular, clock-like cycles and that a thorough understanding of each phase is vital for property developers and investors to make the right move accordingly. There is some truth to this observation, however, we also believe there are always going to be good development opportunities awaiting irrespective of the market conditions. Being very selective in securing sites with good development potential, i.e., with good access to amenities, schools, public transport, etc. is a key criteria.

Risk Management

  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Financial

We believe that successful projects hinges on having an active and rigorous risk and financial management in place.


Our development approach is underpinned by the following pillars:

Financial rigour from the outset

We place great emphasis and effort up-front in sourcing for the right site, as an over valued purchase or lack of understanding of the target buyer needs, will likely yield poor outcomes for everyone.

We apply a lot of research and financial analysis during this period and will often consult our partners for critical input (e.g., designers / architects, builders and real estate agents) to ensure we get the right development profile.

Collaborative relationships

Our success rely on our relationships with our diverse group of stakeholders from designers through to investors, the quality and diversity of which take time to cultivate. As such, we invest continually to enhance our existing relationships and build new ones so as to bring a rich and diverse set of ideas and input into our developments.

Disciplined delivery

We have created a robust and comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing and delivering property development projects.

As part of our service and delivery commitment to you, we will work closely with you to agree mutual outcomes and requirements, and to provide consistent and clear communication throughout the development lifecycle.

Our services

We tailor our development management services to meet your specific needs, including:

>>> Sourcing and Feasibility

  • Opportunities
  • Feasibility

1. Identify opportunities

2. Develop detailed feasibility study

3. Negotiate transaction terms

4. Develop Development Strategic Plan

5. Procure site

>>> Design and Planning

  • Design
  • Compliance

1. Develop design concept

2. Work with Architect to realise design

3. Work with consultants

4. Work with regulatory representatives

5. Obtain statutory approval

>>> Tender and Construction

  • Tender
  • Construction

1. Tender for construction

2. Liaise with builder

3. Handle and resolve issues

4. Manage payments and loan

5. Organise other trades

>>> Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Settlement

1. On-going monitoring of market condition

2. Develop marketing strategy and plan

3. Appoint selling agent

4. Work with surveyor on titles

5. Work with settlement agent

>>> Project Close-out

  • Accounting
  • Statutory

1. Ensure smooth settlement process

2. Clear outstanding payments and loans

3. Close out project and legal requirements

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